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Guestable is a short term rental management company that allows property owners to earn more income from their real estate while saving them time. We are a group of hospitality professionals, property managers, marketing specialists, data scientists, and investment consultants who have come together for a common purpose. Our mission is to create once in a lifetime experiences for our guests and a lifetime of solutions for our clients.

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Short Term Rental Management

Our short term rental management program is designed to allow our clients to take advantage of our team’s breadth of knowledge and experience in the vacation rental and executive stay industries. Our clients have a wide variety of goals and priorities, and each of their properties is unique. We pride ourselves on the ability to understand each client individually and combine best practices with custom solutions. Each of Guestable’s divisions is highly specialized, and we are proud to have several senior managers who are among a select group of global subject matter experts in their respective fields. We aim to be hospitable, analytical, resourceful, and thoughtful with everything we do.


Our hospitality services are modeled after best practices of some of the world’s top hotels and resorts. Being in the hospitality business means being in the business of making people happy. 

There is no better first impression for a guest than walking into a clean home knowing the team took a lot of pride in their work. But hospitality is about so much more than just cleaning, it’s about making people feel welcome and being available to help throughout their stay. Real estate and hospitality are very different industries, yet everyone benefits from an unforgettable guest experience. Good hospitality is rewarded with great reviews which bring good income for owners. Everything starts and ends with the guest experience, and no steps should be skipped throughout the process.

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Property Management Service

Short term rental property management is the process of maintaining your property’s value and creating an environment where guests feel comfortable. The cash flow potential of a property over the long term will be dependent on how the property is managed. Our clients generally care as much about how well their property is maintained as they do about the income it is generating. Even for those clients who are primarily income focused, a property that is not maintained will experience a drop in guest reviews and prices will be impacted. Regular inspections and on-demand maintenance are just the basics of a good rental operation. When you walk into your own property after a few months, it should look and feel like the day you started working with us.


Marketing is the process of connecting with your target customers. Many people in the furnished rental industry believe that marketing is about putting your property in front of as many eyeballs as possible. While there is certainly value in that approach, it’s more important that your property is discovered by the right people. Our ideal guest profiles are those who communicate well, take care of the property, have a proven track record of renting properties, and are willing to pay a premium price for a premium service. With every property we bring on, our goal is to focus on the top 5% of guest profiles on platforms like Airbnb and VRBO as well as our corporate rental network. By building a brand that attracts the target audience, you make above average rental income and have less maintenance costs due to minimal wear and tear.

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Revenue Management

Revenue management is the process of combining advanced analytics with qualitative factors to set up pricing and minimum stay strategies that achieve a client’s goals. A strong revenue management strategy not only provides above market rates and occupancy, but it also sets up a calendar to receive back to back bookings from quality guests. It is important for us to understand our clients goals in order to implement a revenue management approach that works best for them. Whether your goal is to optimize income, minimize turnover, attract only the highest quality guests, or you have other factors important to you we will build a customized approach.


Our operations team is the foundation of everything that Guestable does. They are the link between the guest experience, client support, property management, and our hospitality teams. We believe that what makes our company unique is the ability to streamline operations through processes that have been repeatedly refined while customizing our approach to the needs of our individual clients. The furnished rental market is one that has evolved tremendously over the past five years and we are always tracking industry trends to be ready for the next five years. While our clients are real estate owners, the biggest measurement of the quality of our service can be measured through guest feedback. We actively encourage guests to provide feedback before, during, and after their stay so we can keep improving our service. We know that by keeping guests happy day after day, we can keep our client’s happy year after year.

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Collaborating with Clients

Client Collaboration

As a client, you should feel as though everything that is happening in your property is transparent without the need to be more involved than you want to be. Every one of our clients is different, and we get to know you during the onboarding process to understand what is important to you. The biggest surprise most of our clients experience is how customized our approach is for their specific property and mindset. If we aren’t one hundred percent sure a property is a good fit for our program, we will kindly let an owner know. We don’t want to make promises we can’t deliver on according to our standards. Communication and trust are the most important aspects of any business relationship, and we will always be continuously striving to enhance our client experience.


Purchasing a second home or an investment property with furnished rentals in mind can take many hours of research without much progress. It is one of the few industries where there is a large gap online when it comes to good, data-driven information. For second home owners, the right property can generate enough income to cover its costs even factoring in the time that will be blocked off for personal use. As an investor, there are very few industries within real estate that offer the cash flow potential as furnished rentals. If you’d like to learn more about our consulting services contact us to find out if we specialize in the areas you are considering buying.

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