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    The rapid emergence of the home-sharing industry brought in part by Airbnb’s rise has created an opportunity for people around the world to generate income from their real estate in ways that only recently became possible. As the demand for homestyle accommodation increases faster than supply, hosts who are able to combine a data-driven approach to revenue optimization with five star guest experience will separate themselves from the rest. Our full-service and virtual manager offering enables your property to achieve its full potential while saving you all the time it takes to manage and run the 24/7 operations.

    Set your property up for success

    The maximum amount of income a property will generate is determined in the set up phase and as your business partner we’re here to advise you throughout the entire process. Leveraging modern design principles that appeal to a broad audience, assessing how to set up bed layouts, ensuring all short term rental essentials are in place, determining the business case of renting a parking spot, and using smart technology to enhance guest experience are just a few examples of setup considerations. The setup phase is the only part that requires your involvement, and we’re here to make it as easy and effective as possible for you.

    Revenue Optimization

    After the set up phase is done, we’ll take over everything. The first step is to strategically position your listing on each booking platform based on the property type (e.g. condo, townhouse) and ideal target audience (e.g. business traveller, family). All of the major booking platforms (e.g. Airbnb,, Expedia) have different search ranking systems and customer profiles, so the goal is to figure out how your property can best utilize each. Once an initial strategy is in place, prices and availability settings (e.g. minimum stay period during events) need to be set and adjusted regularly based on historical market data, real time competitor information, and what the market is telling us about your property. Only a few listings in any city are capturing their entire earnings potential and it’s our job to make yours one of them.

    5 Star Guest Experience

    There’s no amount of income optimization work that can fully overcome a less than ideal guest experience. Timely guest communication, seamless check in / check out, perfect cleaning quality, a well maintained property, fully stocked home essentials, easy lockout support, and around the clock service should be nothing short of the expectation. We provide your guests with the best experience possible so that your listings can accumulate raving reviews and rise to the top of the local rankings. As we build a brand for you on the major platforms your nightly rates will move up while your property generates more interest from the higher margin guest profiles. The best part is, we will take care of absolutely everything while you maintain complete transparency into your listings and financial performance.

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