Case Study: Stephanie

Stephanie is the proud owner of a beautiful home that is rented on Airbnb and VRBO. She uses her home from time to time and rents it out to guests the rest of the year. Her goal was to make her guests feel like home every time they walk through the door.

Stephanie managed her own home for a year before finding Guestable. She had never considered a management company before because she is a very detail oriented person and wanted to have more control over who is renting her home.

After the first year of hosting, she was starting to find it exhausting to provide her guests with the attention they deserve and still managing her full time job and family. She decided to search for management companies, but she was skeptical that there would be one who took the same hands on approach she did when managing her biggest investment.

When Stephanie first approached Guestable, she wasn’t sure what to expect. It wasn’t the kind of service that she or anyone she knew had experience hiring, so she was skeptical at first. Like many of short term rental owners considering a management company, she had a lot of questions before she felt comfortable partnering with Guestable. She wanted to learn more about how much income she can expect, how Guestable screens potential guests, and the level of hospitality and service her guests can expect.

Guestable was able to improve the quality of service her guests received while increasing her income due to price optimization and marketing.

Once she got started, Stephanie quickly realized that she had partnered with a firm that was as passionate as her about the hospitality industry. She was actually earning more after Guestable’s commission than she was during the year she managed it herself, without any of the day to day management. Every time she visits her home she comments on the quality of maintenance and recommends us to her family and friends.

We feel lucky to have many clients like Stephanie who appreciate the time and effort it takes to properly manage short term rentals. If you are looking for an earnings estimate or a quote for your property feel free to fill out this form, call us at 800-710-7839, or email us at [email protected].

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