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Searching for the best Airbnb tips for hosts to get more cash-flow? We have you covered! 

As Airbnb’s popularity continues developing with more individuals depending on it for spaces to live in while travelling, generating money is probably one of the biggest challenges that most Airbnb hosts face. Furthermore, while a few hosts generate money, they aren’t able to grow their revenue. Now we have news for you – It is possible to essentially improve (and surprisingly double) your Airbnb rental income, but only if you are willing to put in not only your money, but your time as well as hard work.

Here are 10 things to keep in your Airbnb to improve your apartment’s standard, wow your guests, and boost your revenue in 2021. 

Lockitron Smart Lock

Giving your guests simple, trouble-free access to your property will certainly ensure an amazing start to their stay. Lockitron is a clever and innovative device that connects to your existing deadbolt, permitting your guests to lock and unlock doors via their cell phone- which means no keys required and no bulky lockboxes joined to your front door with complex instructions. The Lockitron’s code can be changed between every visitor per stay. You can also set it up to receive an alert each time it is unlocked for additional security. 

Welcome Treats 

First impression is the last-ing impression. As soon as your guests enter into your apartment, their impression of your space will be made in no time. 

You can make a good impact by leaving a welcome gift for them like scented candles, freshly baked tea cake, a fruit bowl or fresh flowers in a vase. They will surely appreciate this warm gesture and feel welcomed. Another way to welcome them is to have a hand-written personalized welcome card with their name on it. Remember it’s always the little things that matter. 

Welcome Book

Don’t forget to leave your welcome book along with your welcome treats. A welcome book holds information about the property and the area. Include a list of emergency numbers, nearby fire stations, vets, hospitals, clinics and pharmacies in case of any emergencies. Also list down nearby restaurants, cafes, gyms, adventure parks and other local highlights. Your guests will be delighted if you add in your personal recommendations for fun places or family outings. You could also keep some brochures or pamphlets along with your welcome book so they feel spoilt for choice. 

Charging Station/ Universal Power Adapter

One of the worst things that can happen to someone is reaching your travel destination and forgetting to get your phone charger or travel adapter with you. So to be a super Airbnb host, we recommend having one available, in case something like that happens. 

To discourage individuals from taking or unintentionally leaving with your equipment, write down your name or property address onto each item using a permanent marker. You could also remind them to make sure all your possessions are in place by giving them a friendly call at the time of checkout.

Bluetooth speaker  

Another way that will surely enhance your guest’s Airbnb experience is by setting up some Bluetooth speakers in your apartment. This will permit all guests to connect to your speakers and play their own audio with amplified volume. They can watch a movie or even play their workout playlist. But remember to leave a charging cable, as well as instructions on how to connect it to your device.

Tea or Espresso Machine 

To earn yourself big brownie points, keep a high-quality coffee and tea machine in your kitchen alongside all the other basic kitchen tools and crockery. Keep a few sachets of coffee, creamer as well as tea bags and some tea biscuits. This coffee and tea section will nothing but delight your guests, especially those who can’t function without having their daily dose of caffeine in the morning. A cute tea pot and some nice looking mugs are bound to make a lasting impression. 

A high-quality Knife

Yes, that’s right! Regardless of whether you are a professional cook, or a “Top Chef” enthusiast, the one thing that consistently proves to be useful is a decent kitchen knife. Invest in a branded chef’s knife with a sharp blade to keep in your kitchen utensils drawer. This has long term benefits, since your knife will remain sharp for way longer than a steel one and they are also usually germ resistant. 

Personal Care and Hygiene products

A great majority of people give importance to the personal care and hygiene products in a hotel’s bathroom. Stocking your bathroom with some premium soaps, cleansers, hand creams and bath products will add value to your place and give your guests a luxurious experience. Keep bigger bottles and mark them appropriately to avoid having to refill them every time you have new guests. Another tip is to invest in some tiny bathroom plants and keep them on the wash basin or bathtub.

Outdoor Equipment 

Despite the high majority of business travelers using portals like Airbnb, there are still a lot of Airbnb guests who are purely leisure travelers. A great way to get noticed by leisure travelers is investing in some fun activity gear and advertising it on your listing. You could post pictures as well as mention them in your description section. If your property is close to the beach, stock up on vibrant beach towels, large sized beach bags, some suntan lotions and sun block. Always ensure the items are covered under the AirBnB Host protection insurance and Host Guarantee.

A well-stocked fridge 

This tip is surely going to get you that glowing 5-star review on your listings page. If you really want to go that extra mile to delight your guests, stock up your fridge with some everyday essentials like Butter, Eggs, Milk, Bottled Water, Bread, Fresh Fruit and Sodas. These added extras are definitely going to make your guests feel very comfortable in your place and they won’t have to order takeaway or eat outside. This may cost you around $30, yet it could help you generate a great amount of extra $$$.