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    Let’s be honest – you and nearly everybody you know has used Airbnb services before. As one of the most famous websites for short-term vacation rental, Airbnb is possibly the best spot to get bookings. 

    Numerous property managers and hosts run very thriving and profitable vacation rental businesses, listing only on Airbnb. The listing process is simple and straightforward, yet tedious, and doesn’t require any complicated Airbnb promoting strategies. Since you don’t lose any cash if your property stays unused, you can earn only when you do get a booking.

    Now the real questions arises – How much profit can one make?

    There are a few tricks you can use to increase the amount of bookings and sales of your rentals. This is where SEO for Airbnb comes in, which will boost your listings in search results. The more you work on enhancing your listings for SEO, the more probability there is for it to be shown to potential guests. 

    By following a few marketing strategies, you can maximize bookings and earn optimum profits. Keep reading to know more about how to optimize your Airbnb to increase your ranking in listings. 

    Get an increased number of bookings on Airbnb – Here’s How..

    Sign in regularly

    A simple tip to winning the game at Airbnb SEO is to ensure you log in to your account on a daily basis. Airbnb measures your availability for your guests by consistently tracking your sign in action.

    Update your Calendar Daily

    Hosts who consistently keep their calendars up-to-date are labeled via Airbnb’s algorithm as both responsive and active. This will make a listing increase in search rankings. Do keep in mind that an outdated calendar can cause complications for you, your guests and for your overall relationship with Airbnb. 

    Quick Tip: A way to cheat the system is momentarily blocking out future dates before unblocking them again.

    Price your Airbnb Competitively 

    While your posting is new, pull in a larger number of bookings by offering lower costs than your competition. Through this duration of time, collect reviews, build your profile, and position yourself in such a way that it gives stability to your listing and permits you to alter your prices more to your needs. 

    Remember that many price evaluating tools are available online, to make out the most ideal choices for you based on expert market estimations.

    Lower your Minimum Length of Stay to One Night 

    Increase your availability! The lesser your minimum nights required for booking are set, the higher you will appear in searches. 

    This is an easy way to expand your Airbnb search visibility and get higher rankings; since you will appear in searches for shorter stays too.

    Turn on Instant Booking 

    Activating this booking option is one of the most impactful things that can be done to improve your Airbnb SEO. Airbnb automatically focuses on listings that have Instant Book enabled, and it also leads to higher conversions. 

    But on the other hand, some hosts like to communicate with their guests prior to booking, and decide not to turn on Instant Book. It’s your call – but keep in mind that turning Instant Book off can have a negative impact on your search ranking.

    Do NOT cancel any of your Bookings

    To optimize your Airbnb listing, make an honest effort NOT to drop any of your bookings. This is very clear since your capacity to entertain every single guest demonstrates how well of a host you are. 

    The more the number of bookings you drop, the lower will be your search ranking.  

    Six Key Marketing Strategies that you can rely on!

    Perfect Your Listing Title and Photo 

    Your ranking is determined by the percentage of individuals who view and click on your listing (your CTR or Click-Through-Rate). This might sound obvious, but this implies you need to get clicks on your listing.

    Two primary ways to encourage clicks on your listings are –

    • Compose a powerful listing title that pops!
    • Use the best Keywords and other popular and relevant search terms in your description. 

    Fascinate them with your Description

    Any information about your space that even one visitor may want, ought to be recorded. The more details you can include, the more of an edge you are going to have over other competing listings of your area. 

    Many opportunities are offered by Airbnb to boast about what your property has to offer, so use them to incorporate everything; from the number of rooms to fun places nearby.

    Upload Eye-Catching Imagery of your Rental

    Probably one of the best promoting strategies you can rely on is some top-quality imagery. Make sure you capture photos in good lighting and angles that bring out the features of your place to make them stand out. 

    Furthermore, Airbnb offers free photography services to a lot of locations, which even come with the Airbnb watermark. Is there any reason of not taking advantage of this amazing service?

    Review and Get More Positive Reviews 

    Truly this marketing strategy might look much less ‘basic’ than others in this list, but try to focus on getting as many 5-star ratings as you possibly can. Write a good review to get one in return. Reviews are probably one of the greatest factors affecting your rankings, as well as your booking conversion rate.

    Get Airbnb Views through Social Media

    Airbnb follows their own traffic analysis. If your listing gets a ton of traffic from external sites (like Facebook or Instagram, for instance), it accepts this as a sign that your posting is famous. 

    Advertise your profile on social media and welcome conversations that will bring clicks and traffic to your listing. This will have a positive effect on your Airbnb SEO.

    Become the BEST HOST! 

    Just follow all the marketing strategies listed above and reach your ultimate goal to become the best host! And make sure you have a complete profile. Ensure your profile is verified, and fill it out with up-to-date and relevant details. A complete profile is needed to become the best Airbnb host, and is also rewarded with an increase in search rankings.

    Eventually, the best approach to get more bookings is to provide a brilliant experience for your guest. It should be good value for their money. Give them reasons to post an amazing review for you. If you can do that, you’ll surely win the game!