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    The photos uploaded on your listing have a great impact on the number of bookings you acquire, so don’t think that blurry photos taken from your phone will cut it. 

    Guests usually start their search on Airbnb by going through photos of online listings. If the listing photos are dull or unattractive, it’s very likely they will skip it and look at other properties in that area that look more photogenic.

    Are you a photography newbie? We’ve got you covered! Keep reading for some top recommendations on capturing high-quality photos for your listing. 

    Tips for Capturing Top Notch Listing Photos.

    Prior to taking photos of your space, prep your home for the photoshoot. Make an effort to arrange everything as though you were planning to invite your first guest. Your photos should showcase your property in the best way possible, as well as help set your potential guest’s assumptions before they proceed to book.

    Here are a few tips for taking great photos: 

    • Upload an Assortment of Photos: A variety of photos added to your listing of the inside, outside and the neighborhood of your property will help guests envision what it is like to live in your space. Arrange the photos in a manner that gives your guests a virtual tour. Welcome them through the front door prior to proceeding with other areas of the house. This will assist your guests to get a better idea of the layout of your home. 
    • Take photos in High Resolution: Your photos should be at least 1024 x 683 px– a higher resolution is always better. Ensure they are not blurry. You could also consider using a tripod so that it holds your camera steady in place. Make it a point to take more than one shot to be sure you got at least one or two clear high resolution pictures. 
    • Click photos in a Landscape Format: Vertical photos won’t be able to showcase your place properly, since photos of listings in search results are always displayed in a landscape format. 
    • Declutter and Set a Stage: Make your space look welcoming, neat and appealing by removing any clutter and cleaning up all surfaces. Invest time in the details: tidy up desks, organize bookshelves, and remove any furniture items or rugs that look out of place. 
    • Click your photos in Daylight: Schedule your picture taking on a sunny day for some bright, happy images. Natural sunlight can have a great impact on the impression of your place. Turn on the lights and open the blinds to light up the rooms. Dark and cloudy days will bring out overly dull photos that will not attract people into your property.
    • Show off Unique Amenities: You have an ideal opportunity to really brag about the wooden fireplace, beautiful paintings in frames and the large treehouse outside that you have always loved about your home. Potential guests are attracted by fascinating architectural details that add to the value of the property, and eventually the standard of their stay. 
    • Highlight Accessibility Features: Showcase features of your property that could be useful to guests with limited mobility, like step-free floors, grab rails, and wide doorways. 
    • Edit your Photos before uploading them: When it comes to personal photos, all of us love to crop and add highlights and shadows to it. Listing images are no different – they too need some editing. Always touch up pictures before posting them on your listing. You could use easy online photo editing websites or mobile apps to lighten, brighten, and add contrast or to adjust color saturation on your photos.

    Why Great Listing Photos are so important to Potential Guests.

    As per a study conducted by a real estate photography firm, high-quality photos can increase the amount of bookings you get by around 30%, as compared to a listing with amateur, basic photos. This study was not only conducted for huge mansions, but houses of all values were taken into account. 

    So, if your home doesn’t show well on the listing page, there’s a very slim chance that a potential guest would be interested to live in it. Do keep in mind that the pictures of your property set the stage from the very beginning for how many bookings and what sort of guests your home will get!