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    Properly screening Airbnb guests is key to having an exceptional hosting experience with short term rentals. Effectively screening each and every person who inquires about staying in your property will result in higher quality guests compared to using the Instant Book feature. Analyzing profile information and asking the right questions are central to an effective guest screening process that aims to match the preferences and needs of your guests with what you’re able to offer them.

    Effectively screening Airbnb guests starts with looking at their profile information and reviews from past stays. Profile information is what forms the first impression with potential guests and is what dictates how much digging is necessary to build trust. Your potential guest’s description of themselves as well as the photos they’ve shared can surprisingly give you a lot of insight into the type of person they are. Ideally, a potential guest should have a linked government ID, at least 3 to 4 positive reviews, no negative reviews and linked social media profiles on their account.

    Even though a good profile with multiple positive reviews is a good sign of a quality guest, it isn’t enough on it’s own to build trust. Creating a personable profile and accumulating a few positive reviews isn’t too difficult to accomplish, so it’s a good idea to dig and inquire a bit further to form an accurate opinion about a potential guest. Look at the reviews of the people who have reviewed your potential guest as well as the reviews these people have left for others. This will give you a sense of their credibility and allow you to analyze differences in the reviews they’ve left previous guests. If reviews are highly detailed and explain multiple aspects about why this guest was easy to work with, then you can count that as a reliable review. If reviews are simple, short and don’t communicate a feeling of trust, this review probably doesn’t hold much weight.

    After forming your first impression based on profile information, being up front and asking the right questions is truly the most important factor to ensuring a quality experience. When responding to a guest inquiry, asking questions that will lead to straightforward answers makes it easy to decide whether a potential guest is a good fit. The more open and honest you are while screening Airbnb guests, the more likely your future interactions will be positive. Keep in mind that a well-crafted listing will filter out guests who can’t meet house rules and will save you time in the pre-approval process.

    Potential guests should also be encouraged to ask all questions that they might have before pre-approval. Figure out what type of information would be good for your guests to know up-front and be sure to provide it to them. Developing a strong understanding of the needs of potential guests will allow you to better educate them up-front about the experience that can be provided.

    Having a positive experience is equally beneficial for the guest as it is for the host, so being honest and up-front works in everyone’s favour. The more hesitant you are about a potential guest, the more questions you should ask so that you can analyze their answers. Going the extra mile in the early stages of a short-term rental with effective guest screening pays dividends down the road. There’s no better feeling than returning home to find your place spotless and a glowing positive review in your account.