Short-Term Rental Regulations in the City of Culver City

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    vacation rental rules and regulations in Culver City

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    Short-term rentals are defined as renting a residence or a portion of a residence for a small period of time. The following is a complete guideline short-term rental regulations in Culver City so that anyone can be a responsible host.

    Due to the growth of platforms such as Airbnb and Vrbo, short-term rentals have become more widespread all around. Some of the residents see the rentals as a part of the new “home-sharing economy” and a source of income. While other residents perceive this new trend as disturbing to the neighbourhood and its peace. A few of the impacts of vacation rentals include an inflow of residents and complaints of noise. It also brings in increased traffic in the community. 
    Preparation of Vacation Rental Rules and Regulations in Culver City
    Related to short-term rental regulations, the City Council conducted a meeting in February 2019. Their aim was to control home-sharing operations in the area.
    After taking the public’s opinion into consideration, the City Council prepared an ordinance that shall:
    • Permit the operation of short-term rentals in Culver City.
    • Allow both un-hosted and hosted short-term rentals.
    • Restrict short-term rentals solely to the host’s primary residence.
    • Not limit the number of nights per year that can be short-term rented.
    • Not permit short-term rental of an apartment unit, duplex, or triplex. Except if it is the primary residence of the host.
    • Require reporting to the City Council on short-term residential rentals every year
    • Require neighbour notification by hosts. 
    When will Culver City allow short-term rentals to operate?
    The City Council of Culver City will call a meeting to take this process further. In the meeting, they will give a ruling on the short-term rental of accessory residential units. They will also generate an early draft of vacation rental rules and regulations. They will all be based on the above policies. However, the scheduling of this meeting has not yet been done. 
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