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    short term rental regulations Deerfield Beach

    The City of Deerfield Beach approved and updated its Short Term Rental Regulations and put them into action in October 2018. Above all, the City Commission required all properties to obtain a Certificate of Use to operate a short term rental. The following is a complete guideline for Deerfield Beach’s home-sharing law so that anyone can be a responsible host.

    Short Term Rental Regulations in Deerfield Beach

    A short term rental in Deerfield Beach is defined as a residential dwelling unit rented to transient occupants more than three times a year. Also, this rental is for periods of 30 days or less, or one calendar month, whichever is less. Besides, all hosts will have to register every year with the Planning & Development Services Department in order to operate their STR.

    Under the updated vacation rental rules and regulations, all hosts must apply for a yearly Business Tax License.

    Make sure you have the documents listed below before submitting your registration to the City:

    • A Business Tax Receipt by the City of Deerfield Beach.
    • A Tourist Development Tax Registration by Broward County.
    • A Vacation Rental License by the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation.
    • A Certificate of Registration by the Florida Department of Revenue.
    • Postings required by Section 98-106(g) of the Deerfield Beach Land Development Code.
    • A Vacation Rental Affidavit with evidence.
    • The $100 registration fee. Payment can be made by cash, check, or credit card to the City of Deerfield Beach. 

    To view the online Vacation Rental Registration Form, click here

    Once the registration process is complete, the city will provide you with a copy of the registration documents. After that, property owners should ensure they renew their registration annually, every year on the 1st of October. 

    Short Term Rental Standards

    All residential dwellings operating as vacation rentals must be in tune with the vacation rental standards. This is, in fact, as per the Deerfield Beach Land Development Code. Additionally, hosts must follow the applicable zoning district regulations.

    Property owners should ensure their residents meet these minimum safety requirements:

    • Swimming pool, spa, and hot tub safety.
    • Smoke and CO (carbon monoxide) detection and notification system.
    • A Fire Extinguisher.
    • Battery-powered emergency lighting of primary exit.
    • Maintenance of halls, entrances, and stairways.

    Maximum occupancy of Vacation Rentals

    As per Deerfield Beach vacation rental rules and regulations, no more than one family can stay in a vacation rental dwelling unit at a time. Furthermore, the occupancy of a dwelling unit must not be more than two individuals per bedroom plus two additional individuals.

    Other Regulations

    As a responsible host, you need to abide by other contracts or regulations that bind you. These include leases, community rules, HOA rules, or other guidelines set up by tenant associations. Feel free to reach out to your landlord, housing authority, or community council to find out more. To get more information about other regulations, you can also visit Deerfield Beach’s official website or contact us for further Airbnb Management Deerfield Beach services.