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    short term rental regulations Hallandale beach

    For the City of Hallandale Beach, a short term vacation rental refers to any residence or residential unit, including any unit or group of units in a condominium, apartment building, or cooperative that is rented out to temporary residents. This could be an entire property, or just part of it rented out for less than 30 days or one calendar month, whichever is less. The following is a complete guideline for Hallandale Beach’s short term rental regulations so that anyone can be a responsible host when using platforms like Airbnb, VRBO, and other similar services. This rundown should, in fact, give you a good start in understanding your local laws.

    All vacation rental owners must obtain an operating license every year according to Ordinance 2018-003. This regulation applies to all properties (including rooms and guest houses) rented out for less than 30 consecutive days. 

    Short term rental operators must obtain the following licenses:

    • City of Hallandale Beach Business Tax Receipt (BTR) Certificate
    • City of Hallandale Beach Resort Tax Certificate
    • Florida Vacation Rental Dwelling License

    Registration Process Requirements 

    Short term rental operators must fill out the Vacation Rental Application form and the Business Tax License (BTR) Application form. This Vacation Rental Requirement Checklist explicitly includes a list of all the required documents.

    In fact, any incomplete applications can result in pending status and loss of processing fees. 

    New Vacation Rental Application Fees  

    • Vacation Rental License Fee:  $300.00
    • Annual Processing Fee: $45.00
    • Business Tax Receipt / Vacation Rental License Fee: $25.00
    • Annual Processing Fee: $30.00

    Renewal Vacation Rental Application Fees  

    • Renewal Vacation Rental License Fee: $250.00 
    • Annual Processing Fee: $45.00
    • Renewal Business Tax Receipt / Vacation Rental License Fee: $25.00

    Modification of Vacation Rental Application  

    • Vacation Rental Application Modification Fee: $100.00


    Operating a short term rental without a Vacation Rental License coupled with a Business Tax Certificate violates Chapter 9 of the City of Hallandale Beach Code of Ordinance. In the event that any property or unit is illegally operating a vacation rental, the city will evict the guests and charge a fine to the landlord. 

    Any vacation rental that is not in compliance with the following penalty schedule will be enforced:

    • Reinstatement after Suspension Fee: $100.00
    • Vacation Rental Appeal Fee:  $200.00
    • Penalty (First Offense) of a Vacation Rental: $250.00
    • Penalty (Second or More Offense(s) of a Vacation Rental: $500.00

    Other Short Term Rental Regulations

    As a responsible host, you must comprehend and abide by other contracts or regulations that bind you. These include leases, community rules, HOA rules, or other guidelines set up by tenant associations. Feel free to reach out to your landlord, housing authority, or community council to find out more. To get more information about other regulations, you can also visit the City of Hallandale Beach’s official website or contact us.