Short Term Rental Regulations in the City of Redmond

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    Short term rental regulations Redmond

    For the City of Redmond, a short term rental (STR) is a dwelling unit offered for rent or occupancy for a period of less than 30 consecutive days. Redmond does not permit operating an STR in a multi-family dwelling or complex and does not consider it a home occupation. The following is a complete guideline for Redmond’s short term rental regulations so that anyone can be a responsible host when using platforms like Airbnb, VRBO, and other similar services. This rundown should give you a good start in understanding your local laws. 

    Short term rental Standards and Requirements 

    When STRs meet the following standards and requirements, the City can issue them an STR permit:

    • Business License

    Prior to renting out any property, hosts must obtain a City Business License, with all Transient Room Tax (TRT) laws applicable. Renewals of this license are due every January of the following permit year. Furthermore, the City may revoke the short term rental permit if the business licensing fee or TRT payments are thirty days late. 

    • Parking 

    Each short term rental must receive a one-off street parking spot, in addition to the onsite parking requirements.

    • Nuisances

    Short term rentals must follow all City rules regarding noise, dust, smoke, litter, odor, and solid waste collection. Throughout the year, solid trash collection is necessary every week. 

    • Signage 

    There should be no use of signage on or off the short term rental premises. 

    • Number of Occupants

    Per bedroom, the maximum number of guests (above the age of 3) can only be three. The maximum occupancy rate as well as “Good Neighbor Guidelines” must be posted inside the STR. Moreover, the owner must ensure they inform the renters of these limitations.

    • Local Party In Charge

    The owner must identify a local responsible party who is permanently residing in the vicinity of Redmond. If guests have any questions about the STR’s work, the responsible party will serve as the initial contact. The owner must provide the City with the phone number of the local contact person. They must also post it in the STR in compliance with the “Good Neighbor Guidelines” provided by the City. 

    • Non-Transferable Permits 

    Permits for STR are personal in nature and non-transferrable. 

    • Other Conditions 

    The City may impose additional parking, improved access, fencing, landscaping, minimum screening, or other conditions to ensure that the proposed use is compatible with the neighboring residential character. 

    • Federal, State, and Local Laws

    All applicable local building and health codes, as well as state and federal laws, must be met by the STR rental.

    Zoning Ordinance 

    The City permits the operation of STRs in residential zones if hosts meet all applicable criteria and regulations. Short term rental operators must not obstruct other uses permitted in the zone where the property is located. Only one residential structure, not both, may be rented out as an STR on a property with both a residential home and an accessory residential dwelling.

    Revocation of the License 

    The City will notify the licensee in writing that their license will be revoked if the Community Development Director or designee determines that an STR violates the short term rental regulations, City ordinances, or state or federal law. Notification of revocation will specify the basis for the revocation. It will also inform the licensee of their right to appeal under Section 7.036 of the City Code.

    Other Regulations

    As a responsible host, you must comprehend and abide by other contracts or vacation rental rules and regulations that bind you. These include leases, community rules, HOA rules, or other guidelines. Feel free to reach out to your landlord, housing authority, or community council to find out more. To get more information about other regulations, you can also visit Redmond’s official website or contact us