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short term rental regulations Blue Mountains

The Town of Blue Mountain’s Short Term Accommodation (STA) Licensing By-Law system regulates the licensing of STA establishments. The Town defines short term rentals as STA premises rented for less than 30 days. The following is a complete guideline for Blue Mountain’s short term rental regulations so that anyone can be a responsible host when using platforms like Airbnb, VRBO, and other similar services. This rundown should give you a good start in understanding your local laws.


Short Term Accommodation Zoning By-Laws


Certain areas of the Town have been zoned to allow for licensed Short Term Accommodation use. The requirements for establishing a new STA use in the Town of Blue Mountains are contained in Zoning By-laws 2009-03 and 2009-04. Additionally, all sections of By-laws 2009-03 or 2009-04, including minimum parking requirements, maximum occupant limits, separation distance etc., must be met prior to establishing an STA. 

Homeowners must study the Zone Map, which shows lands with an STA listed permitted use. Once they have confirmed that operating an STA is permitted, they can review By-laws 2009-03 and 2009-04 for additional Zoning By-law provisions.  

Once homeowners are confident that an STA will be permitted on their property, they must fill out the Pre-Screening Application Form and submit it to Planning Services Staff for consideration. If a homeowner is eligible to apply for a Short Term Accommodation License, Planning Services will send them a Planning Clearance Letter. 


Short Term Accommodation Licensing 


Homeowners can apply for a Short Term Accommodation by downloading the STA License Application Guide. The guide contains links to all forms needed to complete the application package. Once the application package is complete, homeowners can submit them by email to Short Term Accommodation Licenses Staff. 

The following table shows the complete list of STA Licensing Fees:

Application Submission Fee $50
STA Licensing Fee (2-year term) $2,200
STA Licensing Fee – Legal Non-Conforming/Grandfathered (2-year term)        $2,250
STA Licensing Fee – Bed & Breakfast (2-year period) Plus Planning Fees $1,075
Fire Safety Inspection $75
Fire Re-Inspection Fee $125
Fire Subsequent Re-Inspection Fee $175
Tribunal Fee $600
Appeal Tribunal Decision to Council Fee $400


Short Term Accommodation Objectives 


The objectives of the STA Licensing By-law include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing guests with safe accommodations in terms of fire and building safety. 
  • Assuring that STA premises are operated and maintained in sanitary and acceptable interior conditions in accordance with Property Standards. 
  • Making STA Operators aware of their obligation to follow Town By-laws and other short term rental regulations.  
  • Preserving the character, facilities, as well as quality of existing residential communities,
  • Creating a level playing field for all STA Operators while also improving consumer protection.




The Town now imposes Administrative Monetary Policies (AMPs) for violations involving Short Term Accommodations/Rentals and Bed and Breakfasts (B&Bs). Operating without a license will result in a $2,500 AMP. Moreover, STA operators can face an AMP of $500 if they advertise without a license.

The following table shows the complete list of Violations and AMPs:

Violations Fines
Exceeding Maximum Permitted Occupancy $500
Non-availability of Responsible Person $500
Non-availability of Rental or Lease Management Program Representative $500
Fail to Post License $500
Operate Without a License $2500
Advertise without a License $500
Failure of B&B operators to be on Site at the Premises between 23:00 and 07:00 $500
Permit an Activity that Causes a Nuisance $250
Use Premises Contrary to Parking Management Plan $500
Operating without Functioning Noise Notification System where Required $500
Use or Permit the Use of an Outdoor Hot Tub or Pool between 23:00 and 07:00 $500
Failure to Properly Secure or Cover a Pool or Hot Tub $500
Use or Permit the Use or Ignition of an Outdoor Fire or Fire Pit without a Permit     $500
Failure to Comply with an Order $500


Other Regulations


As a responsible host, you must comprehend and abide by other vacation rental rules and regulations that bind you. These include leases, community rules, HOA rules, or other guidelines set up by tenant associations. Feel free to reach out to your landlord, housing authority, or community council to find out more. To get more information about other short term rental regulations, you can also visit Blue Mountain’s official website or contact us.

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