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Our approach to Airbnb management in Toronto and short term rental property management is analytical, hospitality-driven, and owner-friendly. Guestable’s short term rental managers will ensure you and your property are in good hands. Our Airbnb property management services Toronto are designed to allow hosts to benefit from this market without the day-to-day workload that comes with it.

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Toronto Short Term Rental Management 

Toronto is one of the top markets for vacation rentals,

short term rentals, and monthly executive rentals given its popularity both nationally and internationally. This popularity has experienced growth in recent years as more people choose to take short term and extended vacations in Toronto. Compared to other major population centres in the country, Toronto has a very favourable regulatory approach to vacation rentals due to the importance of tourism to its economic growth. The increase in remote work has also contributed to more people choosing to spend more time in Toronto. Guestable’s Airbnb management Toronto is heavily focused on enabling hosts to benefit from renting out their furnished properties without the consistent workload that comes with it.

Given the size of Toronto, there is demand for short term rentals throughout the many neighbourhoods of the beautiful city. In neighbourhoods with less demand, there tends to be a balancing effect of lower supply. This ensures consistent occupancy no matter where or when a host is renting. Demand in the downtown core is always the strongest due to proximity to restaurants, activities, and sites. Outside of the downtown core, neighbourhoods where tourism isn’t popular, have a lack of hotels. However, their hosts offer great hotel alternatives on sites like Airbnb and experience strong occupancy.

The Toronto short term rental market is seasonal due to variability in travel demand throughout the year. The strongest months of the year are between May and October. And the summer months are the busiest time. Factors like increased tourism, conferences and events generate demand in summer. In the winter months, there is lower demand for tourism. But hosts renting their homes in these months still get a stable monthly income and occupancy.

The City of Toronto has implemented its regulation framework for short term rentals booked on Airbnb and other platforms. The short term rental regulation is focused on all or part of a dwelling unit rented out for less than 28 days. The regulation permits licensed hosts to rent out an entire place for a $50 annual registration fee. This regulation does not apply to rentals for periods of 28 days or more. For any questions about the Toronto short term rental regulations or vacation rental license you can visit the city’s website or contact us.

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Stephanie is a top Airbnb host

Guestable has enabled Stephanie to rent out her home on Airbnb and other short term rental platforms without having to worry about day to day management.

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We operate on vacation rental management commission only, we don’t get paid unless you do.

Please provide more information about your property so we can provide you with a short term rental earnings estimate and a quote for our property management and Airbnb listing management services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Toronto Airbnb management has different pricing structures depending on what they offer. A full service Airbnb property management offering will typically cost more than a marketing only focused service.

It can be as simple as marketing to full service Airbnb property management in Toronto, and it entirely depends on the service a client needs and their property type.

An Airbnb management company in Toronto will often take a commission based on the level of service that is being provided. Airbnb management companies usually offer different services depending on how involved clients would like to be in managing their property.

An Airbnb management company in Toronto can provide a service that earns you more income while taking over the workload of managing a short-term rental.

Toronto is a beautiful cosmopolitan city and the economic centre of Canada. It features many things to do and see, making it a popular destination on short-term rental platforms.

There are many ways to find the perfect Toronto Airbnb management company. Speaking to a local representative of an Airbnb property management company can give you the best chance at finding a company that’s a good fit for you.

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