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With the city of Las Vegas growing so fast, it’s no surprise many investors are wondering if it’s a great Airbnb investment market. The amount of visitors that Las Vegas sees annually is impressive. It’s a hugely popular tourist destination with close to 50 million visitors on average per year. While some people opt to enjoy the glitz and glamour of the Las Vegas Strip and stay at a big hotel, others come here to take in the allure of the desert. Airbnb in Las vegas allows people to stay in a quieter neighborhood and the amenities are important for people bringing their family or a larger group. 


One of the key components that make having a Airbnb in Las vegas so successful at the moment is that there are very few properties compared to the demand. People who currently have a Las Vegas Airbnb investment property are seeing high success rates. Here are some of the main reasons why Airbnb in Las Vegas is a great investment.


A Growing City with Affordable but Strong Real Estate Market


Experts in the real estate industry say that the Las Vegas housing market is a great place for Airbnb investment. The population has seen excellent growth and while it’s a hot spot for real estate, the costs to purchase are low compared to other tourist destinations in the U.S. Short term rental investment has seen plenty of success being that Las Vegas truly is a year round destination for short term rentals.


High Demand for Tourism All Year Round


A Airbnb in Las vegas will have an opportunity through the year to fill up their property. People from all over the world visit Las Vegas for the experience. The weather is warm all year round and so people from colder parts of the U.S. come for a warm weekend getaway. People come here for special occasions as well. Large groups come for weddings and the many conventions that take place here. 


Friendly Short Term Rental Regulations


The regulations for Las Vegas Vacation rental management are reasonable and fair. A short term rental falls within a period of less than 30 days in a residential dwelling unit. They ask that as Airbnb management Las Vegas, you ensure that the tenant complies with ordinances relating to noise, parking, business licenses, and the number of occupants in the residence. For example, there can’t be large groups or weddings in the backyard and parties are not allowed. These regulations protect Las Vegas neighborhoods and those who stay here to enjoy peace and quiet. You have to fill out a short term rental application but it’s not complicated or constrictive.


High Demand for Monthly Stays


There are various reasons why Las Vegas has become a hot spot for real estate. It’s one of the most tax-friendly cities in the U.S. There is no business income tax, franchise tax, or gift tax. Many businesses move here as a result. It doesn’t hurt that real estate is lower than in other big cities. While real estate is low in cost, it’s still a good investment and the value is consistently building. It’s been a hot area to invest in for years, especially single family rental properties.  


With all this in mind, many people are moving to Las Vegas and they often need a place to stay while they get set up. As such, people may need a transitory home until their new place in Las Vegas is ready. Your Airbnb investment property could be just what they’re looking for. As you can permit someone to rent up to 30 days, you may find you have long term renters beyond just a few days. 


Not a lot of Airbnb Inventory Means Rates are High


Airbnb investing here is so successful due to the fact that there isn’t a high rate of inventory. So the demand allows Las Vegas vacation rental management to set the rate. Some Las Vegas Airbnb owners have said they raised their rental prices 200% and they were booked solid with no interruption. Las Vegas Airbnb has a good reputation for offering excellent options but there simply aren’t enough for the amount of demand that exists. Every new Airbnb in Las Vegas that pops up will quickly book based on the figures over the past few years.