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Miami Beach Short Term Rental Management

Miami Beach is one of the top markets for vacation rentals,

Miami Beach is one of the country’s top markets for vacation rentals, short term rentals, and monthly executive rentals given its popularity both nationally and internationally. This popularity has experienced growth in recent years as more people choose to take short term and extended vacations in South Florida. Compared to other major population centers in the country, Miami Beach has a very favorable regulatory approach to vacation rentals due to the importance of tourism to its economic growth. The increase in remote work has also contributed to more people choosing to spend more time in Miami Beach.

Miami Beach is one of the top short term rental markets in the nation for both investors and those who are home sharing. There is consistent demand throughout the year at high rates, and despite significant hotel competition the occupancy rates are strong even in the low season. As the market grows, more professional operators are providing fully serviced accommodations to provide guests with the comforts of a home combined with the experience of a hotel. There is also increasing demand for corporate rentals as many companies are setting up offices in South Florida.

Miami Beach is among the least seasonal short term rental markets in the country due to its year round weather conditions and continuous leasurel demand. However, during the winter months there is an increase in leisure travel demand both domestically and internationally. The high season begins at the beginning of the holiday season in December and continues until Memorial Day. There is also a drop in demand during the hurricane season, when occupancy rates are typically the lowest. Due to the increasing number of corporate guests and relocations to South Florida, many hosts have seen success doing longer stays during the hurricane season to maintain occupancy.

In order to list your property for short term rental in Miami Beach, you need a business tax receipt and a resort tax registration certificate. Along with that, your property needs to be in an approved zone. You can apply online for the business tax receipt or in person at the City of Miami Beach’s Finance Department. For any questions about the Miami Beach vacation rental license you can visit the city’s website or contact us.

airbnb property management services

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Stephanie is a top Airbnb host

Guestable has enabled Stephanie to rent out her home on Airbnb and other short term rental platforms without having to worry about day to day management.

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We operate on vacation rental management commission only, we don’t get paid unless you do.

Please provide more information about your rental property so we can provide you with a short term rental earnings estimate and a quote for our property management and Airbnb listing management services.


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